8 Key Factors to Focus on while Implementing the ORION ERP Solution

ORION ERP software is a complete ERP system that can help your business gain a competitive edge, however, it is important to note that steps need to be taken to ensure the implementation process goes as smooth as possible. ERP implementations can be a risky undertaking and many factors can lead to its success or [...]

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How to Integrate an ERP system with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Integrating an ERP system with a CRM software helps remove data silos in an organisation and optimises customer relationships to enhance profitability. A CRM-integrated ERP system offers a host of benefits to companies. Order to Collection An ERP system integrated with a CRM system typically means a new customer [...]

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What is an integrated ERP system?

  An integrated ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a software utilised to optimise business process management. Essentially, a system of interconnected business applications manages your enterprise and automates many back-end business functions such as financial accounting, human resources, a [...]

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How to Evaluate ERP Systems and its Functionality

  Evaluating an ERP system’s value to your business is a challenging task. There is a host of real-time operational data and research findings to factor in while assessing an ERP solution’s veracity. Moreover, the stakes are too high as the ERP influences all departments of your business and a wrong system can [...]

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How IoT will Impact ERP Systems for Manufacturing

ERP is all about entering data into complex, structured databases at the end of processes and then manipulating and exchanging it within modules to get insights or actions. IoT is the opposite of this. It deals with unstructured data coming from multiple devices in varied formats in unpredictable patterns. A combin [...]

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Organisational Change Management Strategies for a Successful ERP Implementation

One of the biggest mistakes we commit with ERP projects today is not realizing the need for organisational change management. It is a curse that many organisations feel that change management is an unnecessary expense. Change management is often misunderstood and devalued by higher-ups who think that simply instru [...]

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5 Business Transformation Strategies That Work

Change is always disruptive. It is imperative for companies to transform their processes and strategies to remain relevant in an ecosystem that is ever-evolving. However, organisations embark on business transformation journeys and often get mixed results. Failed attempts to ERP upgrade programme result in cost, sc [...]

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3 Workflows that are Strengthened with An ERP Solution

  ERP focuses on streamlining business processes by enabling seamless communication and coordination between the siloed departments of an organisation. ERP modules facilitate connections between supply chain organisations or between an organisation and its customers.Although there are unlimited workflows tha [...]

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Is Your ERP Software GST Ready?

The much talked about GST implementation has become a reality. The Goods and Service Tax, a revolutionary and historic step in the Indian taxation system, is being heralded as the biggest tax reform in India. GST will add to the economic growth and bring simplicity in the way businesses operate by replacing exist [...]

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5 Ways ERP Systems Can Benefit Real Estate Companies

Real estate companies work in a highly challenging ecosystem. The industry moves at a fast pace and they need to constantly be up-to-date with information. An efficient ERP system can streamline their workflow from lead management to project closure. A web-based ERP system integrated with a CRM system can reduce o [...]

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