ORION ERP Software for HR and Payroll Management for enhanced people management

The role of Human Resources has today evolved into a highly proactive and strategic one. They are a critical part of an enterprise’s business goals and outcomes accountable for its highly critical human capital management. Managing a globally dispersed workforce, designing and monitoring future-proofed payroll management systems, architecting relevant and agile people processes for high employee engagement and productivity, managing talent acquisition, performance management and talent development for enhanced organisational efficiency and revenues. This requires a versatile human resource information and management systems with real time and direct user access to secure and relevant information – whether in office or on the go.

ORION ERP system for HRMS & Payroll provides full-fledged software-based human resource management and payroll solutions to support you in managing the most valuable assets of your organisation – your employees. It simplifies and automates all aspects of your HR processes, from acquisition to retirement, track, manage, and analyse all your employee data. Our ERP solution for HRMS & Payroll Management also reinforces and enhances your organisation’s quality performance.

ORION Payroll & HRMS has the flexibility of either being a part of the ORION Enterprise ERP Solution system tightly integrated with its other modules, or as a robust stand-alone system. The combination of human resources and payroll applications allow for a totally integrated HRMS.

Streamline your HR business processes, enhance the efficiency of your payroll management and manage employee relationships from on-boarding to retirement with ORION ERP solution for HRMS & Payroll Management.

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Why ORION HRMS & Payroll

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ORION HRMS & Payroll delivers a comprehensive suite of tools, designed to support the most demanding people requirements.


  • Our self-service employee portal is designed to improve service levels and communication between your company and your employees. Enjoy the advantages of lower costs, increased efficiency, and alignment of HR to a more strategic role in the organisation

  • Our portal provides quick and relevant information and easy and direct access to internal business processes. Result? An efficient and engaged workforce

  • Can be integrated with the Enterprise ERP system or can be used as one of the most robust standalone-systems
  • Integrates time reader systems to efficiently automate the attendance and payroll processes

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