The ultimate financial risk evaluating tool

To be able to stay ahead in the race, financial institutions in lending business need to continually seek excellence in balancing credit growth and risk management. The key to success of such business is in performing accurate risk analysis, leading to appropriate pricing of each credit exposure.

Kastle® CRx is a comprehensive financial analysis and risk rating tool that allows financial institutions to accurately assess and monitor a borrower’s credit worthiness. Its configurable framework captures, analyses, projects and models financial and non-financial details of a borrowers allowing speed and consistency of analysis across the organization, while bringing tremendous business benefits.

Why Kastle® CRx

Our features, your advantages

Enable to derive benefits of history and projections
A total portfolio

Complete flexibility in defining multiple templates (e.g. Manufacturing, Financials)

  • Defining multiple line items with ability to have unlimited drill down
  • Deriving cash flows and ratios based on balance sheet, income statement
  • Define covenants whose breach needs to be monitored
  • Captures comments against each line item
  • Reconcile data entry.

  • Project data using any four methods
  • Absolute Number
  • Percentage growth over previous period
  • Percentage of another line item
  • Formula
  • System auto reconciles assets and liabilities
  • Projections can be using past trends

  • Generate standard reports, create custom reports

  • Define multiple models and scorecards for obligor rating
  • Define multiple models and scorecards for facility rating
  • Ability to capture facility, collateral and guarantee details
  • Subjective and financial parameters with scores and weightages
  • Define inflators/ deflators for changing score/ rating based on conditions
  • Rate industry/ country if required
  • Rate obligor / facilities using desired model
  • View various risk reports to analyse credit worthiness
  • Keep detailed history of changes in risk models over time

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