In line with our vision of being a Full Services Test Partner, our Testing and Compliance service helps organizations across varied industries and
geographies build robust testing strategies and models that prevent defects, shorten time-to-market, and optimize costs.


3i Infotech has been uniquely positioned to help organisations worldwide in developing a highly effective testing strategy and execution model for realising their most desirable system Verification, Validation and Compliance scenarios leveraging its differentiators – High process maturity, Domain strengths, World class infrastructure, Test Centers of Excellence and Strong alliances.

Our clients range from leading multinational corporations to single-center operations with customers across sectors like BFSI, manufacturing, retail, telecom, pharma, life sciences, healthcare, and utilities spread across worldwide including South Asia, United States of America, Middle East & Asia Pacific.

We use international frameworks and industry best practices along with our Domain Test Accelerators to offer services that span the entire spectrum of testing requirements:
  • Test Strategy Advisory
  • Test Process Advisory
  • Compliance Audit and Advisory
  • Manual to Automation services
  • Performance Testing services
  • Full Lifecycle Testing
  • Maintenance and Support Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Resilience Testing
  • Compliance Testing

We follow a business-outcome-oriented methodology, whereby the key indicators tracked during service delivery are categorized into:

Enabling efficient, speedy, quality-driven growth
3i Infotech has leveraged its domain expertise and over 100,000+ test assets across industries like BFSI, manufacturing, retail, telecom, pharma, healthcare, and life sciences to offer Domain Test Accelerators that slash the time required for test designing and accelerate the testing process in an organization.

Domain Test Accelerators, which have been designed to leverage the model-based test approach include domain-specific test data, test case scenarios, scripts, and templates that

  • Reduce scenario identification and test case creation by 30%–40% of a test lifecycle
  • Enhance test coverage (both positive and negative)
  • Reduce the involvement of the customer’s functional team in testing by up to 50%
When you choose 3i Infotech, you get access to these key differentiators that help us—and in turn, you—succeed. You get more than a solution; you get a competitive advantage.

3i Infotech is committed to excellence in service delivery. Over the last several years, we have built systems, methodologies, and partnerships that have helped our customers win—time and again. Here’s what sets 3i Infotech apart:

  • Domain Test Accelerators: We offer your business the benefits that come along with in-depth domain knowledge through our suite of Domain Test Accelerators.
  • Key alliances with Industry Leaders in Testing Automation: Our alliances with industry leaders in testing automation enable us to offer our clients best-in-class solutions and the most desired business outcomes.
  • Test Centers of Excellence: Our Test Centers of Excellence offer a unified quality solution that is scalable, objective, and consistent. They are the answer to an organization’s need for cost-effective quality control.
  • High quality assurance and maturity standards: When you work with us, you are assured of robust and scalable systems and processes that facilitate cost-effective solutions and complete customer satisfaction.
  • World-class infrastructure: The businesses we service benefit from our seven-layered security architecture; offshore, offsite, or onsite application testing services; and specialized testing infrastructure to match varying industry and business needs.
Our clients range from leading multinational corporations to single-center operations. That’s why we offer flexible engagement models:
  • Operational: For short-term needs arising chiefly out of resource constraints, 3i Infotech offers time- or resource-based engagements—you can draw on our expertise to arrive at a solution.
  • Tactical: For medium-term testing needs, 3i Infotech offers an outcome-oriented service model where you can leverage our Domain Test Accelerators, tools, methodologies, and expertise and benefit from an end-to-end solution.
  • Strategic: For long-term, specialized access to domain expertise and testing infrastructure, 3i Infotech offers a partnership model that enables the establishment of global Test Centers of Excellence, customized to your needs.
  • Cut testing costs from 35%-45% (for BAU) and 45% (for new projects) to 25% of the project cost
  • Shorten time-to-market with test accelerators
  • Identify and eliminate defects before release, thus reducing defect removal costs by 200%
  • Miinimize risk and maximize customer satisfaction
  • Test expenditure curtailed to 20%-25% of project cost
  • Up to 15% YoY gains on testing expenses
  • Up to 30% increase in productivity via Domain Test Accelerators and automation solutions
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Reduce compliance costs and operational costs
  • Improve visibility of data confidentiality, privacy, security, accuracy, and availability
  • Align IT infrastructure and systems with business goal
  • Close to 100% test coverage (positive & negative scenarios), resulting in a near bug-free product
  • More than 30% reduction in testing effort, 20x productivity boost, enhanced reusability, & early fault detection with model-based testing
  • Compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency and greater availability of resources for core business
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Ensure that business-critical IT systems are protected against day-zero attacks
  • Empower the organization to overcome performance, security and stability challenges

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