The lending process re-defined

Kastle® Universal Lending System is a comprehensive banking which provides an environment whereby a Bank or a Financial Institution can integrate the different touch-points in the supply chain for loan processing.

Kastle® ULS essentially automates and manages the end-to-end application processing for Retail financing. It aims at improving the process efficiencies of banks and finance companies that are engaged in Retail, SME & Corporate Financing.

Kastle® ULS includes of a unique feature – Lease vs. Buy comparator which enables the customer to choose the right product. The system facilitates to capture and maintain the details of the asset which is the subject matter of the contract. The Valuation grid in the system support multiple valuations and various types of valuation.
Kastle® ULS is used by several banks and financial organizations across the world from Asia Pacific to Africa with a leadership position in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and significant presence in Africa.

Why Kastle Universal Lending System

Our features, your advantages

Kastle ULS provides a comprehensive suite of banking and financial solutions for retail and corporate segments.
A total portfolio

  • ‘What-if Analysis
  • SME & Corporate Leasing
  • Islamic Financing
  • Credit Scoring & Rating
  • Risk Based Pricing
  • Comprehensive Product Management
  • Configurable Fees and Charges
  • Templates & Letters Generation Module
  • Duplicate Management Module
  • Collateral Management
  • NPA Management
  • Accounting Policy Setup

  • Centralized browser-based multilingual, multi- currency, multi entity solution
  • Integrated mortgage portal
  • Available as a multi-tenant solution on advanced J2EE platform
  • Performance Management
  • Comprehensive collateral management capabilities
  • Integrated credit risk rating module
  • Integrated Enterprise-wide Document Management & Archiving for anywhere, anytime access
  • Statutory and compliance reporting module
  • Comprehensive Islamic product support

  • Better productivity, process efficiency, and time-to-market with scalable, proven capability for handling large transaction volumes, performance management tools, and automation
  • Minimized overheads, better information visibility, and cost-effective information management through an integrated and customizable business intelligence and document management platform with comprehensive MIS capabilities
  • Comprehensive and improved management visibility through a wide range of reporting and analytical tools
  • Reduced costs via multi-tenant option
  • Increased flexibility with workflow-based tools; dynamic business process management; and multilingual, multicurrency, and multi-entity capabilities
  • Multi-level comprehensive security with role-based access privilege, dual control system, and two-factor authentication
  • Built-in compliance to financial guidelines

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